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Top 10 Christmas Market Destinations 2019

Published: 18 Nov 2019

Traditional Christmas markets have been popular in many parts of Europe for decades, and in recent years have become a mainstay of short winter breaks. These days however, it’s not just Germany and Austria who welcome tourism to their magical Christmas markets – there’s a wealth of choice out there, with each country bringing its own unique culture, cuisine and festive feeling to the celebrations.

Of course, if you’ve never been to a foreign Christmas market before it can be tricky to work out which ones will suit you best. To save you from having to do hours of research and costing out, we’ve created this useful infographic to help you find the perfect Christmas market to suit your tastes and your budget.

Check out 10 of the most popular Christmas market destinations below. We’ve included plenty of useful info, including the cost of a return flight, the journey time each way, the nightly price of a local Airbnb, the price of beer, the best food and drinks to sample, the best items to buy, what the currency is, and last but not least; how to say ‘Merry Christmas’ in the local language!

Top 10 Christmas Markets 2019