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The BRAND NEW Apple iPhone & Watch Releases – A Quick Guide

Published: 13 Sep 2017

Apple have come a long way from their humble beginnings, and are now arguably the most popular gadget giant on the planet. Since the release of the very first iPhone in 2007, they’ve upped their game and incorporated cutting-edge technology into each new iteration. A decade later, in 2017, the iPhone 8 has been announced, along with some other exciting products - including the super exclusive iPhone X. Here’s a run-down of what’s been announced, the release dates, and how much you can expect to spend on the new designs.

iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 follows the current iPhone 7 and is set to be extremely popular, as every previous release has shown. Available in both 64GB and 256GB options, you get the choice of size based on your needs and wants. This new iPhone retains the classic look of the iPhone 7, with a home button in the usual place, yet appears sleeker due to the glass casing on the back.

Naturally available in the classic Apple black and silver, the iPhone 8 is also available in a subtle gold colour which should please those who like something a little different. Of course, you’re likely to cover the phone up with a protective case, so keep this in mind if your favoured finish has sold out when you’re ready to buy.

This new iPhone 8 has 2 gigs of RAM and runs the latest A11 Bionic processor. Video can be shot in 4K, and the phone is completely water resistant. The thing that’s getting people most excited however, is the fact that the iPhone 8 can be charged wirelessly, which means you need only lay it down on a charging pad to top up the battery. The future of this new technology is already evident, as you can buy furniture from places such as IKEA with charging pads already built in.

Release date: 22nd September 2017

Price: starting at £699

iPhone 8 Plus

The iPhone 8 Plus is the larger version of the iPhone 8, giving you more screen and space through which you can conduct your business, social life and hobbies. The iPhone 8 Plus has all the features and benefits described above in the iPhone 8, but it has additional perks on top of being a larger version. The 8 Plus has two cameras on the back and two new sensors which are able to build more in-depth images – particularly with portrait photos. This can allow the user to artificially alter the lighting of the images in a very detailed way, giving those with a passion for photography something fun to play with.

Release date: 22nd September 2017

Price: starting at £799

iPhone X

The release of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus was an expected announcement from Apple, but it seems they have been busy, as they made a surprise announcement about a third iPhone model. The iPhone X is a brand new, super futuristic smartphone which really shows off the new tech that Apple have been working on. It’s safe to say that this is likely to be a hugely popular model and is bound to sell out, so be prepared to queue outside your local Apple store for a long time if you want to get your hands on one!

The iPhone X has no home button, and the screen fills the whole front of the phone. The device is unlocked not by number code or fingerprint, but with facial recognition technology, meaning you’ll need to hold your phone up to your face and look at it before it will let you in. The technology has been stringently tested for safety, and it cannot be unlocked using a mask, image or 3D printed version of the owner’s face. The owner also has to be looking at it and ‘engaging’ with the phone, so it cannot be used while the owner is asleep. It will still recognise you if you grow a beard, or if you’re in the dark due to the whopping seven cutting-edge sensors and a high quality front-facing camera.

However, if you happen to be an identical twin, Apple does recommend setting an additional passcode.

The screen on the iPhone X incorporates OLED technology. This is superior to the standard LED screens we know so well as it is able to deal with black more effectively. LED screens still need to project black onto a pixel, whereas OLED is able to turn individual pixels off to create a deeper, sharper black within image or text. If you enjoy reading on your phone or if you look at it a lot for emails, catching up on news etc. then this will make words and images much easier to take in.

Release date: 3rd November 2017

Price: £999 - £1149 depending on model

Apple Watch Series 3

The new Apple Watch Series 3 is a must for those who love ‘future’ technology, as a version is available which allows you to make phone calls and send messages via the watch itself. You can add the watch to your current phone plan and use your usual mobile number, giving you more options when needing to communicate on the go.

You can also stream audio to the watch and use with wireless earbuds. This will surely be a hit with joggers and those who like to stay connected while they work out, as well as with those who are very busy.

Release date: 22nd September 2017

Price: £329 without cellular connection, £399 with cellular connection

Apple TV 4K

Finally, Apple announced their new generation of streaming set-top box, the Apple TV 4K. It’s twice as fast as the current model, and supports Netflix in 4K Ultra-HD, and will soon be able to integrate Amazon Video as well. If you have purchased any HD films from iTunes, then these will be upgraded to 4K for no cost, allowing you to enjoy your favourites with a more detailed picture. The inclusion of Dolby Vision allows for brighter colours and sharper lines.

Release date: 22nd September 2017

Price: £179 32GB version, £199 64GB version