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Guide to BuyBack - How Does it Work?

Published: 07 Jun 2019

If you’ve ever been to one of our nationwide branches, it’s likely you’ll have seen Electronic BuyBack advertised. As this is a relatively new service and one which is not widely available on the high street, we thought you may like to know more about how BuyBack works and how it can help if you need cash in a hurry.

Electronic BuyBack is designed to be extremely fast, flexible and accessible. As long as you are 18 years old or over, a UK resident and the legal owner of the electronic items you’d like to use, H&T’s BuyBack service is available to you at any time.

What is BuyBack?

BuyBack is a simple product and one which you can tailor to suit your needs. If you need cash in a hurry, we can make an offer for any electronic item(s) you wish to sell to us. Once you have agreed to the offer, you’ll get paid instantly and your items will be stored securely for a maximum of 31 days.

This 31-day agreement gives you the time to decide if you’d like to keep the money for your electronic items in a straight sale situation, or if you’d like to buy your item back for a fee. If you do not come to buy your item back within this timeframe, we’ll put it up for general sale.

BuyBack gives you the flexibility of using your electronics to unlock the value they hold, without having to give them up completely if you don’t want to. Having the option to buy electronics back can be really handy, particularly if you only need a one-off cash boost for a short time.

BuyBack items

What items can I use for BuyBack?

You can use the following electronic items for BuyBack:

  • Mobile Phones
  • Tablets

We generally accept current models only, but please check with your local branch for their most up-to-date list of accepted items. You can bring your item(s) to us in-store, where we’ll be able to make an accurate valuation and a cash offer. Alternatively, you can get an online and we’ll send you a rough quote (further details below).

It’s entirely up to you whether you’d like to accept our offer or not, but if you do, then we’ll put your item in secure storage for 31 days.

Can I change my mind?

We have designed BuyBack to be as flexible as possible so that you can change your mind within the 31 day period if you want to.

Even if you think it’s unlikely you’ll come back for your item, we’ll store it for the 31 day period anyway so you always have the option. You do not need to say whether you want to come and buy your item(s) back or when you will be doing so – how you use BuyBack is entirely up to you.

What is the BuyBack fee?

If you want to buy your electronic item(s) back during the 31 day storage period, all you need to do is pay back the full amount you received, plus a one-time 25% fee. You can do this at any time – from the very next day up to the 31st day of the agreement. You don’t need an appointment or to arrange this with us first, simply go to your local branch to settle the balance.

BuyBack fee example:

You come to us and sell a tablet for £50. You get your cash on the spot and your tablet is put into secure storage in-store for up to 31 days. After 3 weeks you decide that you are in a position to buy your item back, so you come to the store and pay back your original £50 plus the 25% fee, which in this case is just £12.50. 

BuyBack Electronics

Where will my electronics be kept?

Your electronics will be kept in-store, in one of our secure safes. Our safes comply with all legal requirements and are both fireproof and insured. Your electronics will be safe from extremes of temperature, moisture and impact and will not be touched again until it is time for them to be put up for sale in-store or returned to you.

Your item(s) will stay at your local H&T branch for the duration of the agreement and will not be moved elsewhere.

Is BuyBack available online?

We have an online BuyBack valuation system which can give you an instant offer for your items. Simply enter the required details on our valuation page along with a picture, and we’ll contact you to let you know how much we may be able to offer you.

This offer is dependent upon a more detailed valuation in-store, but it’ll give you an idea of how much you’re likely to get. Once you bring your item in-store, we’ll verify the offer and you can choose to accept or decline. If you accept, you’ll be paid cash on the spot.

Further questions?

If you’d like to know more about BuyBack, or if you have any queries about what gadgets you can use for a BuyBack agreement, simply drop-in to your local H&T branch or contact us via our online contact form. Alternatively, you’re welcome to call us on 0800 838 973. Find your nearest H&T branch here.